Redfield Revenge Rifle Scope Review – 4-12×42 mm

 Redfield Revenge Rifle Scope
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- Accu-Ranger Reticle is one of the easiest rangefinding reticles I've seen
- Super-bright and crisp optics
- Fantastic price for a 12X scope


- No rings included
- Narrow field of view, even at 4X

Welcome to our review of the Redfield 115216 Revenge 4-12×42 Riflescope. Redfield is owned by Leupold, one of the leaders in the riflescope industry, and their budget-friendly lineup of Redfield Revenge scopes are quickly gaining popularity as good choices for hunters who don’t want to spend the price of a firearm on glass. How well does the 4-12×42 scope stack up, though? Let’s take a look and see, eh?

How Bulky is the Scope?

This riflescope weighs 15.3 ounces, so it adds almost a full pound of weight to your rifle. It measures 14.1′ long and requires 5.5′ of mounting space to clear the action. You get 3.5′ of eye relief out of the scope, and 50 MOA of adjustment range for windage and elevation.

How Much Zooming Can I Do with This Scope?

The actual magnification of this scope is 3.8 to 11.7X magnification, which is plenty of zooming power for most hunting. The scope is available with the Accu-Ranger Hunter or Accu-Ranger Varmint reticles, as well as with a standard 4-plex reticle. I tested the scope with the Accu-Ranger Hunter reticle.

How Good are the Optics?

The optics are fully multi-coated, and the clarity and contrast is almost second-to-none. I really couldn’t find anything to complain about as far as the optics went, but I would have liked to see illuminated reticles on the scope.

The Accu-Ranger Hunter Reticle is truly remarkable, and it is one of the easiest rangefinding reticles I’ve ever used. The eyepieces focus quickly, and the scope automatically selects the appropriate range when you bracket your target, such as a deer, in the scope. This system allows for hunting of commonly hunted animals at longer ranges, even out to 600 yards, with accuracy and success.

What About Light-Gathering? Will I Be Able to See My Target

The scope gathers light like nobody’s business, and I was able to see my target clearly and in full contrast even during low light conditions. I only wish the reticles were illuminated on this scope, though, because the black reticle lines were very difficult to make out in low lighting.

How Wide is the Field of View?

The 42mm tube of this scope provides you with a field of view of 24.6′ at 100 yards with 4X magnification, and 7.9′ field of view with the magnification cranked up to 12X. Obviously, the key to using this scope (and any adjustable magnification scope, for that matter) is to start at the lowest magnification, bracket your target, and then zoom in. 24.6′ is a bit narrow, but it’s definitely workable in the hunting field if your target is relatively still.

How Easy is the Scope to Mount?

The scope doesn’t come with rings, so you need to make sure you have a set of 1′ rings ready to go, or purchase rings along with the scope. Once you have the proper set of rings to provide the 5.5′ of mounting clearance, the scope is amazingly easy to mount. Eye relief is superb, and the scope just oozes the quality you’d expect from a more expensive scope.

What’s the Sighting-In Process Like?

As with most riflescopes, I recommend using a laser bore sighter to start the process of sighting in the scope. This allows you to get your shots on the paper quickly and without using ammunition, since you can take care of the coarse adjustments before you even take a shot. Once you’ve got the bore sighting done, it’s quite simple to fine-tune your sight-in and get the scope zeroed. The Redfield Revenge 115216 provides you with 50 MOA clicks of adjustment, which is more than enough for most calibers of rifle. Once sighted in, the scope holds zero very well, even with high caliber rifle recoils at play.

How Durable is the Riflescope?

The Redfield Revenge lineup of scopes are all made to exacting standards, and are darn-near bulletproof. The scope is nitrogen-filled, weather and water proof, and fog proof. Constructed of a single milled piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, the scope is shockproof and very durable. It’s also covered by s lifetime warranty, so you can be sure the scope will last you in the field.

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Redfield Revenge Rifle Scope Review – 4-12×42 mm Summary

Thanks for reading my review of the Redfield 4-12x42 riflescope. This scope is well-built, and is an excellent value. It's made by one of the leaders in the industry, and lives up to that reputation. The Accu-Ranger reticle is amazingly easy to use, and the only real fault I find in the scope is the lack of illumination in the reticle. Other than that, this is almost the perfect scope for hunting or target shooting.

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