Crossbow Scope Guides

Below are our “How-To” instructional guides for crossbow scope owners. If you have any questions or suggestions for future articles, pleaseuse the contact page to let us know about them. Thanks!

#1: How To Mount a Crossbow – detailed mounting guide for all types of x-bows and scopes.
#2: How To Sight-in a Crossbow – you’ve mounted the scope but your arrows are off-mark? Here’s how to fix it.
#3: How Are Crossbow Scopes Made To Be Fogproof And Waterproof – ever wonder about the processes involved?
#4: How To Choose The Right Reticle – learn about the various reticle types and which one is ideal for your needs.
#5: What Makes a Scope Tick – learn about the inner workings of scopes in general and you might become better at troubleshooting problems in the future.

Bonus Article:

– How To Record Your Hunt Using a GoPro Camera? – a detailed 6 step guide to recording a high quality, professional video of your hunt.

Best of luck!