Arrow Precision Illuminated Crossbow Scope Review

 Arrow Precision Illuminated Crossbow Scope

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- Perfect illumination settings
- Easy to sight in
- Clear image

- Complicated calibration process to determine range of dots

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Welcome to our review of the Arrow Precision 4×32 Multi-Range Illuminated Crossbow Scope. This scope is designed for crossbows, and includes 4 vertical dots for use at various ranges. The scope includes red/green illuminated reticles for use during low light hunting or shooting conditions.

What Are the Dimensions of the Crossbow Scope?

This scope is 9.2″ long by 2.2″ wide, fitting comfortably in most crossbow cases, even when mounted to the crossbow. The scope weighs approximately 13.6 ounces, so it adds less than a pound of weight to your kit.

How Much Magnification Do I Get From the Scope?

A 4×32 scope, you get 4X magnification through the 32mm objective lens. Resolution of the magnified image is beautiful, with excellent detail and fantastic contrast.

How is the Optics Quality on the Crossbow Scope?

The optics of the Arrow Precision 4×32 Crossbow Scope are multi-coated, providing excellent resistance to glare and reflection. The tube is nitrogen-charged, so you don’t have to worry about fogging. The image quality of the scope is very good, with fantastic contrast and beautiful color ranges. The scope’s reticles are perfectly sized, and I’ve found this scope to be particularly handy at making kill shots at deer even when they are quartering away from me. Precision is easy with this scope due to the level of detail you get. Light transmission is also outstanding with this scope, so you can readily use the Arrow Precision 4×32 Multi-Range Illuminated Scope during those overcast days or the early morning or late even hours. You’ll find it easy to pick out details even in shadows, and the illumination settings are easily controlled via the rheostat control on top of the scope. The settings provide the perfect range of illumination from “just enough” for low light conditions to no illumination at all when you don’t need it.

What’s the Light Gathering Capability Like on the Scope?

As discussed previously, the light gathering capability of the Arrow Precision 4×32 Multi-Range Illuminated scope is quite good. During dark lighting conditions, contrast and detail are still excellent, and the illuminated reticles provide the perfect amount of brightness to see your reticle superimposed over your target.

How Wide is the Field of View?

The manufacturer doesn’t specify what the field of view is for this scope, but I found it to be approximately 35 feet from a hundred yards out. This is an excellent field of view, providing you plenty of room to scan for your prey and even lead the prey, if it’s on the move. Considering this scope is using a 32mm objective lens, the field of view is pretty much what I’d expect.

How Easy is the Scope to Mount?

This scope includes a set of rings for a Weaver-style rail, which is pretty universal nowadays. If, by some odd chance, your crossbow does not have a Weaver or Picatinny rail, you should be able to easily find a set of 1″ rings that will work perfectly with this scope. Once you have the rings for your rail, mounting the scope takes seconds. Really.

How Easy is the Arrow Precision Scope to Sight In?

Any third-party scope is going to take some work to sight in with your crossbow, since the scope cannot be designed specifically for your crossbow?s arrow velocity. With that being said, this scope was pretty close to being on the money right out of the box. I would say I spent no more than thirty minutes sighting in the scope, making just a few adjustments to windage and elevation before I was scoring bull?s eyes with every shot. Once you have the scope sighted in, you need to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to determine what the range is for each of the dots in the reticle. Unfortunately, this is more complicated than it really needs to be, since Arrow Precision doesn’t have the calibration software that other big names (like Hawke, for instance) have for determining these values.

How Durable is the Scope?

This scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so it can take a licking and keep on ticking. I’ve dropped the scope several times, on accident, and have not suffered any ill effects from my abuse. The scope is shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof, an incredible feat for such an inexpensive scope.

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Arrow Precision Illuminated Crossbow Scope Review Summary

Thanks for reading my review of the Arrow Precision 4x32 Illuminated Multi-Range Crossbow Scope. This is an excellent value for a crossbow scope, providing fantastic view, the perfect level of magnification for deer and other hunting, along with excellent illumination for those low-light conditions that we hunters find ourselves in more often than not. The only downside to this scope is that figuring out what the range is for each of the 4 reticle dots happens to be much more complicated than it should be, given the availability of software programs to calculate this information for you.

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