Ultimate Arms Gear Dot Crossbow Sight Review

Ultimate Arms Gear Dot Crossbow Sight Review
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- Integrated tri-rail for mounting accessories to the scope
- Fully fogproof, shockproof, and water resistant
- Rock solid performance at an amazing price

- 5 MOA dot is too large for precision work
- No auto-off feature
- Con 3

Welcome to our review of the Ultimate Arms Gear 1X30 Tactical CQB Crossbow Sight. This is a red and green dot crossbow sight with adjustable brightness for the dots that includes an integral tri-rail Weaver/Picatinny rail base. UAG advertises this sight as being perfect for rifles and shotguns with a 7/8″ Weaver-Picatinny rail, and the sight also works splendidly on crossbows.

How Powerful Is the Ultimate Arms Gear 1X30 Tactical CQB Crossbow Sight

Ultimate Arms Gear has designed this crossbow sight to be a simple (yet not so simple) red/green dot scope, and it has no magnification.

How Good Are the Optics on This Crossbow Sight?

The optics include a 30mm objective lens with fully multi-coated air-to-glass surfaces, which will prevent fogging, reflection, and glare. The scope is coated for protection against heavy duty recoil, and the barrel is nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging in even the coldest or dampest conditions. The sight is shockproof, fogproof, and water-resistant.

The field of view is unlimited, and the eye relief is also unlimited. The only drawback to this sight is the use of the 5 MOA dot; I would have preferred to see a 2 MOA dot for better use in precision shooting. The large dot makes long-range precision shooting impossible, but I still find the sight works perfectly for standard range shooting and deer hunting. The close quarter battle dual red and green dots are great for target shooting from closer ranges, and the brightness settings are perfect.

The sight has fantastic light transmission, and I’ve found myself able to use this particular sight even in the early morning hours of deer season. More than one buck has met his maker shortly after daybreak using this particular sight.

The sight uses a lithium CR1620 battery, and does a pretty good job of holding a charge. I’ve used the sight for many hours of shooting, and the battery shows no sign of waning on me. It also came with a spare battery, which was a nice addition. Unfortunately, there is no auto-off feature, so you have to remember to turn off the brightness when you aren’t using the illuminated dot anymore.

What’s the Housing Like on the Ultimate Arms Gear 1X30 Tactical CQB Crossbow Sight Crossbow Sight?

The housing of the Ultimate Arms Gear 1X30 Tactical CQB Crossbow Sight is aircraft-grade aluminum, and the sight holds up to just about anything you can throw at it. I’ve used this scope on my crossbow as well as my SKS and my Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, and nothing phases this guy.

The sight includes a tri-rail Weaver-Picatinny rail system for attaching lights, lasers, and other accessories directly onto the scope. This makes for a fantastic tactical advantage when I use this sight for my airsoft guns!

The sight is approximately 5″ long and weighs a mere 10 ounces, so you won’t add much bulk or weight to your kit when you mount this sight.

How Easy is the Sight to Mount?

Since the sight includes a standard integrated mounting rail for Weaver and Picatinny rails, this sight is easily mounted within seconds. If you have a smaller dovetail sight, however, you will need an adapter mount for the sight to work for you. This sight is designed for mounting on Weaver rails, not dovetail (as Amazon indicates).

How Easy is the Ultimate Arms Gear 1X30 Tactical CQB Crossbow Sight to Sight In?

Sighting in the UAG 1X30 Tactical CQB crossbow sight took me less than 15 minutes for my crossbow, and a total of 4 shots. When I sighted it in for my SKS, I put less than 50 rounds through the rifle before having the sight completely zeroed. (To be fair, I used a laser bore sight tool first.) The sight is quite simple to sight in, with easy click windage and elevation values of « MOA per click. Once sighted in, the sight holds zero almost indefinitely, even after almost a thousands rounds through my SKS.

Is the Ultimate Arms Gear 1X30 Tactical CQB Crossbow Sight an Easy to Use Sight?

Point. Aim. Shoot. That’s how easy this sight is to use. The brightness rheostat is also simple to use, and is set up with perfectly matched brightness settings for all lighting conditions. I’ve used this sight on several successful deer hunts, as well as countless airsoft and paintball matches. I’ve also used it as an upgrade to the iron sights on my SKS and shotgun, and the sight has never let me down.

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Ultimate Arms Gear Dot Crossbow Sight Review Summary

Thanks for reading this crossbow sight review. The Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical CQB 1x30 dual illuminated red-green dot sight is a fantastic upgrade to your iron sights. It has the drawback of being set up with a 5 MOA dot (too large for precision shooting) and no auto-off feature, but other than that the sight offers rock solid performance at a price that can't be beat.

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