Hammers Reflex Crossbow Sight Review

Hammers Reflex Crossbow Sight Review
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- Red Dot is bright and works well in daylight- Easy to mount
- Clear, fogproof optics

- Fails to hold zero very well
- Weaver side plates do not include bolts
- Cheap plastic constructi

Welcome to our review of Hammers Wide View Electronic Reflex Airgun Crossbow Red Dot Sight. This sight is designed to add on to your airgun or crossbow, and fits any 3/8” dovetail or 7/8” Weaver rail with ease. The sight is very inexpensive, but does that just mean itís a cheap piece of junk, or is this a diamond at a value price? Let’s take a look, and you can make your own decision.

How Much Magnification Do I Get From the ?

This is a simple red dot sight, so you don’t have any magnification to bring the target closer to you.

How is the Optics Quality on the Crossbow Sight?

The optics are clear and provide a good view of the target. The 5MOA red dot is bright and crisp, and is easy to see even in bright daylight. I found the sight very good at the shooting range for both my crossbow and my airgun, and I’ve even see people use this particular sight on their .22 rifles with excellent results. The optics are also very fogproof, which was an added bonus, since the product description doesn’t really say anything about that.

What’s the Housing Like on the Hammers Red Dot Sight?

Now, I’ve got nothing against plastic, but this is cheap plastic. If your target might be shooting back at you (such as in paintball or airsoft), you need to know this: this sight will shatter easily. The construction of this sight just isn’t strong enough to stand up to being struck by airsoft or paintball pellets, so if that’s your intended purpose for the sight, you should consider a different sight.

How Easy is the Hammers Wide View Electronic Reflex Airgun Crossbow Red Dot Sight to Mount?

The sight fits 3/8” dovetail rails or groove receivers quite easily, and includes Weaver side plates to install the sight onto a Weaver rail. Unfortunately, there are no bolts to go along with these side plates, so mounting the scope on a Weaver rail resulted in the plates spreading out and the scope being wobbly on the rail.Mounting the sight to a dovetail rail was quick and easy, though, since that’s what the sight is really designed for. I’d recommend this particular sight only for dovetail rails, since it requires a bit too much jerry-rigging to get the sight mounted on a Weaver rail.

How Easy is the to Sight In?

The Hammers Red Dot Sight has simple to use windage and elevation knobs, and it sights in very easily. Unfortunately, the knobs spin a bit too easily, and don’t tighten down to keep the sight zeroed in. To get the sight to truly stay zeroed in, I had to drill out the bottoms of the turn wheels so the wheels could be tightened enough to stay secure. This might be too much work for you, so this is definitely a drawback to the sight.

Is the Hammers Red Dot Sight an Easy to Use Sight?

This sight is definitely easy to use, since the 5 MOA dot goes right on your target. Unfortunately, the sight might not hold zero very well for you, and can be difficult to mount on anything other than a standard dovetail rail. Still, it’s a $10 red dot sight and it works fairly well for short range work.

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Hammers Reflex Crossbow Sight Review Summary

Thanks for reading our review of the Hammers Wide View Electronic Reflex Airgun Crossbow Red Dot Sight. This sight is inexpensive, and the low price shows in the construction and ease of use of the sight. It’s a simple design, but unfortunately is too simple and does not work well on anything other than a dovetail rail. It is also very flimsy, and breaks easily. If you’re looking for a cheap sight for range work, and don’t anticipate anybody shooting back at you or you dropping the sight, it’s probably sufficient for most casual shooting.On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serious red dot sight for your crossbow or for paintball or airsoft, I would recommend looking at another sight. This one simply won’t be worth the trouble involved in having to change your sights in the field during a game or hunt.

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