Excalibur Tact Zone Crossbow Scope Review

Excalibur Tact Zone Crossbow Scope Review
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- Superb target image
- Almost perfect illuminated reticle
- Adjustable for wide variety of crossbows

- None worth noting

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Welcome to our review of the Excalibur Tact Zone Crossbow Scope. This scope is a variable zoom 2.5X to 6X scope, and is adjustable for crossbows shooting at velocities from 275 FPS to 410 FPS, making it compatibile with a wide variety of modern crossbows. The scope is standard equipment on Excalibur’s Matrix series of crossbows, but is also available as a third-party purchase for any crossbow. How good of a value is it, though? Let’s take a look.

What Are the Dimensions of the Crossbow Scope?

This scope is compact, measuring just 13″ long and weighing less than a pound. It looks awesome, and it fits nicely in any crossbow case while mounted on your crossbow. The tube is 30mm in diameter, and the objective lens is a 32mm optic. No rings are included with the scope, though, so make sure you buy rings to go with it.

How Much Magnification Do I Get From the Excalibur Tact Zone?

The Tact Zone Scope  is a variable zoom 2.5X to 6X magnification, allowing you to bracket your target image at a low zoom and then focus in tight for that precision shot that is sure to bring down your prey. Resolution and clarity are fantastic across all zoom levels, and the target image stays crisp and clear in just about any conditions.

How is the Optics Quality on the Excalibur Tact Zone Crossbow Scope?

Excalibur has built the Tact Zone with fully multi-coated optics, so you’ll get exceptional clarity in all conditions. Rainwater just beads up and floats away, and the nitrogen-charged barrel prevents fogging from even thinking about occurring. The scope features half-inch click adjustments at 20 yards for easy sighting in, and the eyepiece has a fast focus for quickly acquiring and focusing in on your target.

The reticle is etched into the glass, and is illuminated in either red or green with 5 illumination levels for each color. You also get range compensation markers, which are fine-tuned to your crossbow during sighting in, so you can be assured that the markers are spelling out 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards specifically for your crossbow.

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What’s the Light Gathering Capability Like on the Scope?

Excalibur knows what hunters like, and they build their products to suit those wants and needs. In keeping with that mindset, the Tact Zone scope is perfectly suited to low light conditions, with excellent light gathering characteristics. I’m able to pick out very small details in the shade of trees, even on overcast days, that other scopes don’t even hint at. Couple that with the perfectly-illuminated reticle, and you’ve got a scope that is just as comfortable in the first 30 minutes before dawn as it is during the brightest light of high noon.

How Wide is the Field of View?

Excalibur does not advertise precisely what the field of view is on the Tact Zone scope (or any of their scopes, for that matter), but I’ve ballparked it. My estimate is that the field of view on this scope is 45 feet at 2.5X magnification, and approximately 20 feet at 6X magnification. This is a generous field of view, and should be plenty wide enough for shooting at even a moving target.

How Easy is the Scope to Mount?

You don’t get any rings with this scope, so be sure to have a set of rings on hand when you get the scope. Once you have the scope and the rings, though, the scope mounts literally in seconds, and is ready to sight in and fine tune to your crossbow.

How Easy is the Excalibur Tact Zone to Sight In?

Sighting in the Tact Zone is very easy, but not simple. The first thing you need to do is sight the scope in at 20 yards, and then you should refer to the instructions on how to fine tune the range compensation markers to your crossbow. If you know the velocity of your crossbow, this is easy enough–you just turn the velocity wheel to the right speed and you’re all set. If you don’t know your crossbow’s speed, though, you’ll have to shoot an arrow through a chronograph to get the information you need. Once you’ve completed this process, you lock down the velocity wheel and your crossbow scope will be set up specifically for your crossbow, so the range markers should be accurate out to 60 yards.

Once sighted in, the scope holds zero like nobody’s business. I’ve dropped this scope on the ground from a 15′ tree stand, had it bouncing around in the back of my truck, and even subjected it to the abuse of airline baggage handlers, and the zero point never budged.

How Durable is the Scope?

Excalibur has constructed this scope from premium aircraft-grade aluminum, and rubberized essential components to ensure a durable product. The scope has withstood quite a bit of abuse at my hands and the hands of airline baggage handlers, and hasn’t suffered even a scratch. The accuracy of the scope remains the same today, two years after I first sighted it in, as it was the day I sighted in.

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Excalibur Tact Zone Crossbow Scope Review Summary

Thanks for reading this review of the Excalibur Tact Zone Crossbow Scope. If you're looking for the ultimate scope upgrade for your crossbow, and your crossbow shoots between 275 FPS and 410 FPS, look no further. This is a fantastic scope, and works beautifully in the field. The clarity and contrast are second to none, the illumination settings are perfectly matched to all lighting conditions, and the scope holds zero through abuse that most scopes wouldn't survive.

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  1. Avatar Donals says:

    Review is of a 30mm tubed scope; reviewer recommends having 1″ scope rings ready to accommodate the scope.
    Hmm, are we thinking about this?

  2. Avatar Drew Ritenour says:

    The Excalibur Tact-Zone is a 30mm tube and requires 30mmm rings. The zoom feature as you describe is not true. It is automatically selected based on the speed dial setting.

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